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Women’s Imaging

Breast and Gynae Ultrasound

Instructor: Various National and International Speakers

Language: English

Valid Till: 2023-07-16

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                          Tentative Schedule for Women'S Imaging 2023 

                                                  Day 1 (04.06.2023)

Topic Time
Approach to Breast Cancer, Screening, Imaging and Management: How we do it : 8.00-8.30AM
Breast Imaging and Screening : Global and Local Perspectives : : Dr Bagyam Raghavan 8.30-8.50AM
Breast Imaging Algorithm: Which Imaging and when: 8.50-9.20AM
Basics of Mammography : Technique, positioning ,views, spot views compression 9.20-9.40AM
BIRADS Mammography: Mass,  Asymmetry and Distortion : 9.40-10.20AM
BIRADS Mammography: Calcification: 10.20-11.00AM
Dense breast imaging: Role of  Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Ultrasound: 11.00-11.20AM
Contrast enhanced  Mammography : 11.20-11.40AM
Basics of breast ultrasound technique, triangulation of lesions  and interpretation : 11.40-12.00AM
BIRADS Ultrasound  12.00-12.30PM
BIRADS 3 and BIRADS 4 A : When to give what : 12.30-01.00PM
Breast ultrasound in Pregnancy and Lactation : 01.00-01.20PM
Ultrasound Breast Elastography: Technique and current Role: 01.20-01.40PM
Basics of a good CE Breast MRI & Structured BIRADS MRI Reporting : 01.40-02.20PM
Multimodality imaging as a problem solving tool: 02.20-02.50PM
Clinico Radiological approach to imaging in nipple discharge – Early DCIS– 02.50-03.20PM
Diagnostic and management of cystic masses of breast : 03.20-03.50PM
Non Mass Breast Ultrasound : 03.50-04.20PM
Approach to imaging the axilla 04.20-04.40PM
Imaging the Operated Breast: Multimodality Approach 04.40-05.00PM
USG Guided Breast Biopsy and other Breast Interventions  05.00-05.40PM
Stereotactic and Tomo guided breast biopsy 05.40-06.00PM
Case based *ACR report preparation as per BIRADS  in breast Imaging 06.40-07.00PM
Updates in Breast MRI, Radiomics  & Artificial Intelligence: 07.00-07.15 PM


                                    Day 2 (11.06.2023)

Clinical Approach to a pelvic scan: what more to look 08.30-08.50 AM
Ultrasound Evaluation of Mullerian Anomalies: Role of 3D: 08.50-09.20 AM
Ultrasound Evaluation of Myometrium -Basic Rules and Fibroid Mapping: 09.20-09.50 AM
Adenomyosis uterus 09.50-10.10 AM
 OvarianEndometriosis 10.10-10.40 AM
Deep Infiltrating Pelvic and  Extra-Pelvic Endometriosis (IDEA protocol) 10.40-11.00 AM
Multimodality Imaging of Pelvic Endometriosis 11.00-11.30 AM
Ultrasound evaluation of infertility : 11.30-12.10 PM
Ultrasound  evaluation of Endometrium (IETA): 12.00-12.30 PM
Endometrial Hyperplasia & Carcinoma 12.30-12.40 PM
ACUM 12.40-01.20 PM
Ultrasound Evaluation of Ovarian & Adnexal Masses IOTA and ORADS-: 01.40-02.20 PM
Ultrasound in tubal pathologies:  02.20-02.50 PM
Ultrasound in Polycystic Ovaries 02.50-03.10 PM
Lunch 03.10-03.20 PM
Ultrasound Protocol of Follicular monitoring and Endometrial receptivity 03.20-03.40 PM
USG Guided procedures in reproductive medicine  03.40-04.00 PM
Ultrasound in Ectopic gestation and PUL 03.00-04.30 PM
Retained Products of Conception and Enhanced Myometrial Vascularity : 04.30-04.50 PM
Ultrasound diagnosis of ovarian torsion  04.50-05.10 PM
Non ovarian Non Uterine pelvic pathologies  05.10-05.30 PM
Differential Diagnosis of Acute Pelvic Pain: RIF Ultrasound 05.30-05.50 PM
SonoContrast in gynaecology 05.50-06.10 PM
Ultrasound Evaluation of Non Gravid Cervix & Vagina : Gel Sonovaginography: 06.10-06.30 PM
Ultrasound evaluation of female perineum 06.30-06.50 PM


This online conference is of great benefit to all practicing and participating in women’s health and imaging, including all clinicians, sonologists, radiologists, gynecologists, Fetal Medicine specialists, and breast physicians and surgeons. The scientific program is designed to support both residents and practicing consultants. 

  • Our Scientific Committee Chairperson 

                       Dr. Alka Singhal

                       Dr. Varun Duggal 

  • Our Organizing secretary

               Dr. Madhu Kumar Singhal




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